Billing with your health insurance

    If your doctor prescribed you a wig, you can have your prescription filled with us anytime. We undertake the billing with the health insurance for you. In most cases your health insurance will either pay the whole amount (except the statutory payment) or at least part of it when you purchase a hair system.

    In principle there are two possible approaches to buying a wig on prescription:

    1. In the event that you undertake the billing yourself:

    We will send you an invoice and you will file the invoice and prescription with your health insurance.
    Once you have paid either in advance or per PayPal, we will send you the chosen models immediately.

    2. In the event that we should undertake the billing for you:

    By the way, we do this free of charge! Please send us the prescription, signed on the back, in the original.
    We will file your prescription with your health insurance. After approval by your health insurance, we will send you the chosen hair system.

    If the insurance company does not pay the total amount, we will send you the invoice for the remaining sum by email and ask you to settle the outstanding payment.


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