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    Can I exchange a wig?
    If the color or model do not meet your requirements, you obviously can return the wig complying with the revocation period  and order another product.

    Before the first fitting you should consider the following: If you decide on a possible exchange or return, you have to keep all the original labels on the wig. Do not change the hairstyle of the wig by hairdressing or styling. Do not use hairspray or any other styling products. Please make sure that the wig does not pick up the scent of kitchen vapors, cigarette smoke, perspiration and so on.

    The wig must be in original condition for the exchange or return.

    How long can I wear my wig?
    Depending on the care and handling, a wig which is used day-to-day can be worn between 6 and 12 months.

    Can I change the color or style of my wig?
    Conventional synthetic wigs can neither be styled nor can they be dyed.
    Futura wigs can be styled but not dyed.
    Human hair wigs can both be styled and dyed.

    Can I style my wig with hairspray?
    You can style your wig with a normal application quantity of our special wig hairspray.
    Normal hairspray usually contains a high percentage of alcohol which dries out the fibers and can lead to a high hair loss when brushing the wig.

    Can I blow dry my wig or style it with a curling iron?
    Synthetic wigs are not heat-resistant. This means that the fibers are destroyed when heated.
    Wigs made of futura fibers are heat-resistant and can be blow-dried and styled with a curling iron. However, the device should not be hotter than 120 °C.
    Human hair wigs can safely be styled with blow dryer and curling iron.

    How can I coif my wig?
    Hold onto the forehead of your short-haired wig and fluff up.
    Long-haired wigs should be combed carefully with a brush.
    Curly wigs should never be brushed. Fluff the hair up instead and separate the curls with your fingers or a perm comb.
    Since synthetic wigs are not heat-resistant, never use a blow dryer or any other heating appliance to coif the hair.

    How do I wash my wig?
    Please comply with our detailed care instructions respectively for synthetic and human hair wigs.

    How often do I have to wash my wig?
    If you wear your wig daily, you should wash it once a week. 
    If you only wear your wig occasionally, wash it as needed.
    You can always make use of our hair care service.

    What is the difference between human hair, synthetic and futura wigs?

    Advantages Human Hair
    • The hair can be dyed.
    • The hair can be straightened or curled.
    • The wig is not noticeable due to its natural look.
    • The human hair wig can be tailored to customer request.
    • The wig can be worn longer.

    Disadvantages Human Hair
    • Hair care and styling take longer.
    • Human hair has a high price tag.

    Advantages Synthetic Hair
    • "Ready to go" - synthetic wigs are already styled.
    • The wig retains its original appearance even after washing.
    • affordable
    • easy-care 
    • wide range of different models

    Disadvantages Synthetic Hair
    • The hair does not like heat.
    • You have to decide on a hairstyle: straight or curly. Synthetic hair cannot be coiffed differently.
    • Wear and tear of the fibers can only be delayed partially and temporarily.

    Advantages Futura Fibers
    • durable fiber
    • The hair looks as natural as human hair.
    • The wig can be styled differently because the fibers are heat-resistant.
    • This fiber is also available in different shades of grey. 
    • When styled with heating appliances, the fibers remain in that style permanently until they are again treated with heat.

    Disadvantages Futura Fibers
    • The hair cannot be dyed.
    • Perms are not possible.
    • small selection of different models


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