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    Christine Headwear - Yoga - Bamboo Turban
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    Customisation & Repair

    We customise and repair your hair system.

    In this category you will find many services that make wearing your hair system more pleasant.

    Your wig looks great and has just the right colour, but somehow does not fit right. It is, for example, too big or too small and puts unnecessary pressure on your head? We offer services that ensure that you like wearing your hair system.

    Your toupee is not that old, yet you are already loosing hair. It is too good to throw away or too expensive to purchase a new one right away? After an examination we will submit an offer for the reknotting.

    Your human hair wig or hair piece, or even your hair extension, does not look as brilliant anymore as it did at the beginning? Or does it need an intensive cleaning once again? We offer several options to let your hair replacement shine in new splendor

    We will expand our online offer in the services sector gradually. If you do not find something, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to our online shop, we also have had our local specialist shop since 1956. Therefore we already offer all imaginable services. 

    What is the usual procedure?

    1. Select one or more of the services shown below, add it to your shopping cart and confirm your purchase. If you do not find a service that matches your request or problem perfectly, please omit step 1.
    2. Then send us your wig, hair piece, toupee or extension in a package. Please also enclose your contact information (name, address and telephone nummer) your order number and if necessary a note about any special requests. 
    3. If you do not find a service that matches your request or problem perfectly, send us your hair systen without placing an order, just like mentioned above in step 1.
    4. We will contact you by phone as soon as your package has arrived. 
    5. After the restoration / repair is complete, we will return your hair system discreetly and in a neutral package.

    For consultations or if you have any questions, you may contact us by telephone or e-mail:

    Telephone: 0371 45 00 58 60


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